When your faith is shaken?

The Story of Job


Has your faith ever been shaken before? I mean to the point where you begin to doubt and question God. Our walk with God is not without trials or challenges. James 1:2 tells us: Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds (NIV). No matter how well we live our lives, and no matter how Spirit-filled we are, certain trials, challenges and sufferings will come our way that will make us begin to doubt and question our faith and God.

What do we do and how do we respond or react when our faith is shaken? Let’s learn from the example of Job.

Job lived in a time before the law was given. Probably before Abraham ever lived if not in the same era. His story is told in the book of Job. He is also mentioned in the books of Ezekiel (14:14 & 20) and James (5:11).

The bible describes Job as a man who was: blameless before God and man, he was righteous, he feared God and shunned evil. Not only that, he was a wealthy man too. Very rich with plenty of possessions. In fact, the bible describes him as the wealthiest man in the east. Job had everything going smooth and right for him until disaster struck. He lost everything he had: children, servants, possessions, and health.

Initially, Job took all in good faith. But then, his friends (Elipaz, Bildad, and Shophar) accused him of secretly sinning against God. Job’s faith was shaken and he questioned God. Despite all these, we all can learn one big lesson from his life: his perseverance and unwavering faith in God even in the most difficult period in his life.

[Job 1:20-22]

How should we respond or react when our faith is shaken?

  1. Remember God is good all the time and that all good and perfect gifts come from Him. God doesn’t bring bad things our away, but he allows them into your lives. [James 1:17]
  2. We should see trails and challenges as a test of our faith. God has a purpose for everything in our lives and that includes the bad experiences we go through. [James 1:2-4]
  3. Trials and challenges grows our faith and produces a good character in our lives. [James 1:2-4]
  4. We are more than conquerors. No challenges, trial or suffering can overcome us or separate us from the love of God. [I Cor. 10:13, Romans 8:36-39]
  5. The best must be tested. Sometimes, suffering and challenges in our lives is not because of the consequence of sin. [John 12:25]

Job’s life and story is an inspiring one. It teaches so many profound lessons which we can draw inspiration from and live our life by.

When your faith is shaken? Like Job, you too can be a model of spiritual integrity - a person who will hold fast to his faith even when you don’t understand the reason behind all the sufferings. Continue to serve as a witness to the possibility of authentic faith in God even in the most troubling of circumstances. Live your dreams, and inspire the world.


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